Aaron David Brown

125 Sturtevant

Highland Park, MI  48203

November 7, 2013

Rev. Theodore K. Parker


St Charles Lwanga Parish, Detroit

10400 Stoepel Street

Detroit, MI  48204

Dear Rev. Theodore K. Parker:

Recently I became aware of a possible music position at St Charles Lwanga Parish, Detroit.  My 25+ years of experience in multiple areas of church music, among Catholic and various denominations, gives me a solid foundation for meeting the current and growing needs, of your music ministry.

With a passion for praise, a longing to love God through loving His people, focusing on the faith-walk by which we live, the frailty of our frame -- the pre-requisite of persistent prayer, will give Godly success, in all our endeavors.  I have previously served as Music Director for St. Cecilia,  under the leadership of Father Thomas Finnigan,  for 6 years. 

A comprehensive and contemporary philosophy of music in ministry must have a strong evangelical and ecumenical propensity.  People of all ages, races, colors, and religious persuasions are listening to all genres of Church music.

Consider the Unity Mass by Norah Duncan IV with its syncopation and variety of blended musical styles or The Sound of My People Mass by Roger Holland II with its upbeat Pentecostal/Camp Meeting flavor, built upon a smooth jazz / contemporary gospel synthesis that appeals to so many, and ties them to their African American musical heritage.  While some musicians claim this music is difficult, it really is not, if one is familiar with the ‘flavor’ that many of us experienced in our church/music travels.

A successful, growing, and effective music program, that embraces the current trend of strategically balancing the longings of the public, while simultaneously appreciating the hymns, spirituals, chants, and other traditional music, will have a vibrant, victorious, and viable ministry.

As a primary organist for the Rejoice conference, coordinated by Duncan, it was my delight to experience what we are now facing --- the inevitable success of  innovative approaches to music on the one hand,  and the breakdown of church attendance, participation, and finances, on the other hand, when this area is not properly addressed.

After reviewing my resume and other attachments, you may review music excerpts of me playing the organ/piano in a variety of settings, at www.adbrown.com/musicjob.html.   These selections include playing at St. Gregory, various denominational churches, accompanying soloists / choirs, extemporaneous praise / worship, and radio broadcasts.  

Interestingly, the styles of some of the popular newly revised Mass settings are reflected herein, especially in the area of blended worship and contemporary rhythms.   I would welcome the opportunity to discuss the benefits of working together and networking with the family of other musicians, in providing excellence in corporate worship, effective evangelism to the community, and edification of the body of Christ.  

Please feel free to contact me at:  313-883-1929 or via email me - aaron@adbrown.com.


Aaron David Brown


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